Top Movies that Ajith refused to act

No matter how careful, sometimes the situation will maneuver. There are some examples of Ajith's screenplay for that fate. He only listens to him, only he will refuse. Some of the films that did not act would have been a major success in the performance of other heroes.

Director Balasekaran first told 'Love Today' to Ajith . He did not like it. Then the story went to Vijay. The film wins. Lingusamy told the story of 'Run' to Ajith but Ajith refused the story. Fortunately losing to Madhavan. The film Super Duper wins. It was the time when leading heroes played the role of Bala in the film. His 'Nanda' story was first told by Ajith . Ajith did not like the story .

Suriya agreed to act in that movie. Nandha Surya's breakthrough in the movie 'Gemini' is produced by AVM in Saran. The story of the film was first described by Ajith . Because Ajith has not liked this story . Vikram got hold of the hard and won. AR. Ajith asked at the beginning of Murugadoss's 'Ghajini' movie . Unable to act because of the inevitable. Surya got the All India recognition.

Ajith is not in the story of Gautham Vasudev Menon in the name of 'Police Story' . Resigned. It was released under the name 'Kaaka Kaaka', with Surya playing the role of Captains of the Caps.

Director Shankar told Ajith the story of the film 'Jeans' which was filmed in places where the world wonders . Ajith is not surprised by any miracle . Prashant is the sequel to the screenplay. Ajith, who asked Gilli's story for the film, avoided saying it was remake. The film was celebrated as the biggest action film of Vijay's screenplay.