Will Rajini's 2.0 break off the Bahubali record?

The movie 2.0 which was directed by Shankar and acted by rajini is going to be realease so soon. This film is one of the big budget film in India. So everyone's expectation is that it could break the record of bahubali film. The whole Indian cinema industry is eagerly waiting for the film 2.0,directed by Shankar and the film stars rajinikanth, EMI Jackson, and the Hindi actor Akshay Kumar.

This movie is producing by the iyca productions. The music director is A. R. Raghuman and the camera man is raasul pookutti, who got the Oscar award in his field. From the product line up to Rs 100 crore, but the Hindi distributors seem to have offered Rs 80 crores. Prior to that, the Zee Network has received a license of Rs 110 crore for 2.0 TV license.

Meanwhile, the budget cost of the film is said to have crossed over Rs 450 crore. This is first film to be made in India which is 450cr Budget .It is believed that if the film is released, its collections around the world will be break off the Bahubali record.